Tuesday, May 24, 2005

On Being Divine

Let's start a new thread here. There seems to be a lot of discomfort out there with the notion of our own divinity. We are not God we cry! That's blasphemy!

Yet we are the body of Christ. No part of the body can exist without the others says St. Paul. We are the light of the world says Jesus. Christ has no body but ours says St. Teresa.

Does God exist outside us? Can there be a God without every part of creation? The traditional view would have God separate from us, but we know that God is among us, that God is alive in our connectedness.

When we look at our kids, we see God alive. When we see the beauties of nature, we feel the breath of God. God is within these wonders of creation. God is living in this crazy conversation that we're having on this blog! As we used to memorize in the Baltimore catechism, "God is everywhere."

So are we not divine? Or is that word so frightening because it conjures up all kinds of responsibilities that we are not ready to take on.

Isn't it just easier to think that God is "out there" calling the shots, and all we have to do is obey? Is it comforting to call ourselves "God's children" because then the parent tells us what's right and wrong and we don't have to figure it out by ourselves?

These are questions - not answers. Let's explore this issue - not give sermons about it.